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jiwa kosong
atie kosong
rasa kosong

sumenyer akn jadi kosong law aku dlam mood yang upset
yeah, i'm upset right now
dunt knuw y
i'm juz confius n dizzling


skunk nie sllu sgt menung
sume sbb aku rase kosong
xdek prasaan pe yang aku uat, pandang, rasa, fikir
sumer kosong

sangt membosankan
sgt mengecewakan
sgt menghampakan
sgt kesian
so pathetic

totally blank




Anonymous said...

Do not be afraid to cry. Your tears are warm drops of light that remind you how to feel. Do not be afraid to laugh. That sound is the song of a world that loves. Do not be afraid to care. It is by caring that you do what must be done. Do not be afraid to stand out.
For, in your case, you have no choice in the matter. You will shine brighter than a thousand suns.

Do not be afraid

Anonymous said...

You think you’re the only one who feels small. You think you’re the only one who isn’t sure what tomorrow might bring. You think you’re the only one who’s scared the world might eat them.

You are never alone. Ever.

chibi a.k.a aRe-ToT said...

thanks....just like i know who u r...

FULL time I.S.L.A.M said...

try me...who am might not know, you maybe know

chibi a.k.a aRe-ToT said...

hey, u r my classmate right?...huhuhu